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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Although cortical spreading depolarizations CSD were originally assumed to be homogeneously and concentrically propagating waves, evidence obtained first in gyrencephalic brains and later in lissencephalic brains suggested a rather non-uniform propagation, shaped heterogeneously by factors like cortical region differences, vascular anatomy, wave recurrences and refractory periods. Understanding this heterogeneity is important to better evaluate the experimental models on the mechanistics of CSD and to make appropriate clinical estimations on neurological disorders like migraine, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. This study demonstrates the application of optical flow analysis tools for systematic and objective evaluation of spatiotemporal CSD propagation patterns in anesthetized mice and compares the propagation profile in different CSD induction models.

Pressure Rotary Joint Pearl Rotary Joint KCL (Single Direction Screw-in Type) (KCL6ARH)

Drug information provided by: IBM Micromedex. Your doctor may have special instructions for you, depending on the type of test you are going to have. If you have not received such instructions, or if you do not understand them, check with your doctor. Take this medicine exactly as directed.

to KCL Chatter (1st edition)! A biweekly snapshot including up-to-date KCL Time: Cocktails and “The Race Is On” Speed Silent Auction begin at PM.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. I’m interested above all in what music communicates through performance and how. Although a musicologist, I draw on Although a musicologist, I draw on recent work in music evolution, perception and cognition in order to make sense of the things performers do to make music expressive.

My publications in this area deal with vocal and pianistic style, including portamento related to infant-directed vocalisation , taking years of Schubert song recordings as data, and with the mechanisms underlying performance style change. My book, The Changing Sound of Music, on how to study performances using recordings, is published online: www.

From I led a project that investigated musicians’ perceptions of music in terms of shape. My research now is mainly concerned with the politics and policing of classical music performance, especially with the way in which performers’ creativity is constrained by belief and power. At the same time, I am working with performers to develop alternative approaches to realising well-known scores.

The Lost Girl: Sustainability Speed Date

Tuition 6, Duration 8 months. Completing this rigorous programme will give you an edge in a competitive job market. The programme aims to provide you with an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of EU competition law, focusing on practical aspects as well as the substantive law and the units will take you systematically through the constituent provisions of EU competition law.

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Overview. The London Charm School Valentines Singles Speed dating Party! Meet the man or women of your dreams at our fun filled Valentines event on.

The influence of alkali- and chlorine-containing compounds on the corrosion of superheater alloys has been studied extensively. The current paper instead investigates the corrosive effects of KCl and HCl under conditions relevant to waterwall conditions. A low-alloy Fe The results indicate that alloy chlorination by KCl occurs by an electrochemical process, involving cathodic formation of chemisorbed KOH on the scale surface and anodic formation of solid FeCl 2 at the bottom of the scale.

The process is accompanied by extensive cracking and delamination of the iron oxide scale, resulting in a complex, convoluted scale morphology. The accelerated alloy chlorination is attributed to HCl reacting with KOH at the scale surface, causing the cathodic process to be depolarized. To raise power production from biomass- and waste-fired boilers, it is necessary to increase the steam data of the plants and hence the temperature of both the steam superheaters and the waterwalls.

However, higher material temperatures tend to be accompanied by increased fireside corrosion, causing unplanned shutdowns and increased maintenance costs. The corrosivity of the fireside environment in biomass- and waste-fired boilers has been attributed to relatively high levels of alkali chlorides and HCl [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ]. Cl 2 is then postulated to penetrate the oxide scale and to form volatile transition metal chlorides e.

The metal chlorides have high vapor pressures and are suggested to diffuse outward to the scale surface where it decomposes in the more oxygen-rich environment, forming porous oxide. Working with the corrosion of low-alloyed steel in humid air in the presence of KCl, Jonsson et al. Compared to superheater corrosion, waterwall corrosion in boilers has been much less explored.

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You can access the full text here , and get all the raw data here. This month also saw the start of our EU-funded Horizon ERC Consolidator Grant, which means new lab members getting to work on the project, and a new 2-photon microscope for in vivo experiments — exciting stuff, and more details next time…. Lots of meeting-related action for the Grubb lab so far in Neuroscience in Birmingham, where the sessions were — to be honest — underwhelming, but the balti was excellent!

In the meantime, Marcela stopped by the Festival of Genomics , went to Norwich for a Single Cell Symposium , and continued to oscillate productively between London and Exeter.

Michael is also an HIV and Sexual Health consultant at Kings College (IHI) in Boston as part of the prestigious NHS Executive Fast Track Programme. and she works across all aspects of diabetes care to provide the most up to date advice.

King’s was established in by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington , when it received its first royal charter as a university college , and is one of the oldest universities in England. It is the 12th largest university in the United Kingdom by total enrolment. Moreover, it is a member of academic organisations including the Association of Commonwealth Universities , European University Association , and the Russell Group.

It is the largest European centre for graduate and post-graduate medical teaching and biomedical research, by number of students, [11] and includes the world’s first nursing school, the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. Alumni also include heads of states, governments and intergovernmental organisations; nineteen members of the current House of Commons and seventeen members of the current House of Lords ; and the recipients of three Oscars , three Grammys and an Emmy.

King’s enjoys royal patronage by virtue of its foundation. The current patron is Queen Elizabeth II.

How Potassium Can Help Control High Blood Pressure

Bush House Arcade, London. A new film-based installation at the Arcade at Bush House, ‘The Lost Girl’, explores the human impact on climate and the environment. Our award winning building will be open to the public during Open House London weekend. The audio tour aims to improve understanding of mental health among visitors to the Gallery,….

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Speeds and pitching of 78rpm gramophone records

An updated and edited version of the article which appeared in Classic Record Collector magazine in the Winter edition. By kind permission of the Editor. Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult and potentially contentious is that of pitching the recordings correctly.

Raisins and dates; Spinach; Tomatoes, tomato juice and tomato sauce; Tuna. Potassium is only one component of a well-rounded plan for blood pressure health.

The Knights Templar 95 Chancery Ln. Meet the man or women of your dreams at our fun filled Valentines event on Wednesday the 12th of February at 6pm. You could also win some great prizes in our singles games. Each guest will go on a series of mini dates where he or she will spend an average of four minutes with another single at the event.

Every four minutes, the event host will signal all guests to switch dates. Don’t worry; we have a singles mixer after the event where you can reconnect with someone if you want to continue your conversation! This process or meeting each date is repeated until everyone has had a chance to spend some time together, meeting face to face, and deciding who they matched best with throughout the evening. Each guest will have a match card which they will use to keep track of their dates for the evening.

At the conclusion of the speed dating, guests mark a ‘yes’ next to the names of the people they are interested in speaking with again. Once the event is over, participants hand over the cards to the Charm School and within 36 hours, all guests will receive an email with the contact information of any participants they have been matched up with. The speed dating will be intertwined with a host of fun singles games to get you all relaxed and talking to one another giving you the chance to have some fun and win prizes.

It really works! The reason Speed Dating works so well is because it eliminates the stress of going out, trying to decide it someone is single or not, trying to find someone attractive and then finally working up the courage to break the ice. Doors open at 5pm so you can grab a drink and calm those nerves!

The Influence of KCl and HCl on the High-Temperature Oxidation of a Fe-2.25Cr-1Mo Steel at 400 °C

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LX-KCL / LXKCL (Cargolux) – Aircraft info, flight history, flight schedule and flight playback.

The package is extensively used in academia, the public and private sectors. The most up to date information on openair can be found in the package itself and at the book website here. Further details, including blogs on openair can be found at davidcarslaw. Installation of openair from GitHub is easy using the devtools package. For Windows – for example, Rtools is needed. This package continues to develop and input from other developers would be welcome. A summary of some of the features are:.

It is easy to import hourly data from s of sites and to import several sites at one time and several years of data. Using the selectByDate function it is easy to select quite complex time-based periods. For example, to select weekday Monday to Friday data from June to September for and for the hours 7am to 7pm inclusive:. Similarly it is easy to time-average data in many flexible ways.

For example, 2-week means can be calculated as. One of the key aspects of openair is the use of the type option, which is available for almost all openair functions.

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