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What really confused collectors and dealers for quite some time is the fact that there were so many ‘Schlegelmilch’ factories. Although the different firm owners had the same surname, they represented the production efforts of two distinctly un-related families. These facts have been known since , the year that Bernd Hartwich published his results after intensive research on the matter. But this information was not available in America until the English translation was published in the U. The extensive historical research by Ron Capers shows there was no blood relationship between Leonard and Reinhold. The facts are actually quite simple. The first facility was owned by Reinhold and the other facility was owned by Leonard , who had named his firm after his father, Erdmann.

Antique China Made in Germany

Marks on the three royal bavarian academy of royal towers of arms, number of the date this item to base. Excellent condition, flora danica ‘blue fluted’ dinner service. Shell is much newer and most first, as All the royal danish porcelain, bing and the dagmar cross, hand painted vase.

This is a beautiful R.S. Prussia cup and saucer in the mold. They are fully marked on the bottom with a red and green wreath dating the pair to between.

Prussia was later incorporated into East Germany and is now a part of modern Germany; Silesia was then considered to be German Poland. The most well known and widely collected of these wares is R. World War I caused the family to consolidate their operations in Tillowitz. The vast number of mold shapes and wide variety of decorative themes used by this factory give R. Prussia a strong appeal in the collecting community.

In general, R. The Reinhold Schlegelmilch works produced both decorated and blank wares using several different underglaze marks.

Fakes, Copies and Reproductions of R.S. Prussia, Germany, Suhl, Poland

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Feb 16, – Utilize our guide of illustrated marks to help you identify the value of RS Prussia Porcelain Bowl Mold Lily Decoration Art Nouveau Period.

This Ruby Lane Authenticating Antiques and Collectibles series began with a blog defining the terminology used in authentication and followed by three blogs focusing on Ten Common Sense Rules that apply to all collecting categories. The next blogs explore authentication issues as they relate to specific collecting categories—ceramics, glass, furniture, metals, painting, and paper. The ability to make cross category connections is one of the skill sets of an antiques and collectibles expert.

Collecting categories, whether general or specific, do not exist in isolation. As skilled as I am, I still mke new connections. I tell my Davenport University students that learning is a life-long experience. The same applies in the antiques and collectibles trade.

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Kenneth S. Auctioneers – Appraisers. A wonderful antique auction was conducted on Saturday, July 15 by Kenneth S. Mitchell spent a lifetime decorating her historic home as a Victorian vignette. The sale also consisted of antiques from a private collection in Danville, Illinois. A large and enthusiastic crowd of collectors attended the auction from a multiple state area.

A diverse selection of antique period furniture from the Empire and Victorian eras was available. The Victorian and the turn-of the century homes were full of accessories. Newly created wealth produced a wave of consumerism. Many of these homes were filled to the brim as a sign of prestige and affluence. Today this is considered somewhat bizarre but was quite popular during the Victorian period when sentimentality reigned and hair was often woven into bracelets, necklaces and other decorative objects to serve as a remembrance of a loved one.

Many Victorian homes had multiple fireplaces to help warm the house and keep down the draft. At the turn of the 20 th century, homes were accessorized with hand crank record players.

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Due to it’s higher value, the RS Prussia mark has been forged and copied since the late Twelve marks dating from to the present are shown in this article.

This older book is a must for people dealing in or collecting American pottery or porcelain. It covers 90 companies, and gives brief histories of the companies, the marks they used, and highlights the companies most popular lines with sizes, shapes, pattern names, colors, etc. A must for any dealer! Two hundred and twenty five pages with 16 drawings of marks per page. Each drawing of a mark also is accompanied with the name of the company, the location, when they began and ended production, as well as when the particular mark was used.

The back section of the book another 42 pages has even more valuable information with a vocabulary of terms section, information on dating systems used by specific factories, timelines of companies and their acquisitions, other tips on dating porcelain, and a section on fakes and forgeries. Isleworth is now confirmed as the London manufacturer of creamware and slipware. Ruby Lane Staff. Patricia Begg with intro by Howard Coutts. Unicorn Press, London, November


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Gorgeous rs prussia appears in this porcelain before No date if they marked as high as broad examples of an item is important with.

Nippon porcelain The designation “Nippon porcelain” refers to porcelain made in Japan for export to the west, and stamped with the word Nippon on their bases. This practice began in in response to the U. McKinley Tariff Act, which forbade the import of items that weren’t “plainly marked, stamped, branded, or labeled in legible English words.

Customs Agents as the correct name of origin so from then on, imported Japanese porcelain was supposed to be marked “Japan”. It is difficult to tell how well this was followed in practice. However helpful, this rule does not apply to pieces exported to other countries than the US and not even to all of them.

How to Collect R.S. Prussia Porcelain

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As a dating aid this works out as that any porcelain marked NIPPON is from ​ imitate the work of for example Limoges, Belleek, and R.S. Prussia.

When attending sales or auctions, those with a hand in porcelain sales can rarely resist the lure to purchase available R. Prussia pieces, especially when the price seems right. Remarkable in its beauty and quality, R. Prussia porcelain has been a growing popular collectible since the s. While its collectors and antique dealers were growing in strong numbers, it also came to pass that a market for reproductions should also arise.

With a growing demand for R. Prussia porcelain wares, the realization that there was a large volume of unmarked R. Prussia pieces, and the fake and fraudulent R. Prussia pieces on the rise, Mary Gaston recognized the need and practicality of organizing a uniform system for identifying and validating authentic R.

RS Prussia Auction Greenburg’s Collection.